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I'm constantly working on producing new work, and honing my craft to be the best it can be. I'm sure being an editor has made me a better writer, and being a writer has made me a better designer. I'm a strong believer in the fact that writing, editing, and design work together more than they work separately, and often spill over and intersect with each other. Here, I've chosen to showcase some of my favorite projects, illustrating the different parts of my work.

Writing and Editing


Book Reviews

While working at McLean & Eakin Booksellers, I wrote book reviews for our weekly newsletter about my favorite new and upcoming books. I've compiled all my reviews up to date here. 

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The Current

A Greater Lansing area quarterly magazine focusing on honest, hard-hitting journalism. I edited and wrote for both the print and online editions of this magazine from September 2019 - May 2020. 


Turning Points

An essay I wrote that was selected as a 2019 Michigan Color Guard Circuit scholarship winner. I describe my journey through color guard over the years, and the scholarship I received has been applied to my next marching season dues in 2020. 


Senior Capstone

Taking a deeper look at two of the most important parts of my life, writing and performance, my capstone project examined how the two interact and intersect with each other while reflecting on my journey. 

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On Loving and Hating MSU

A piece published on an opinion journalism website "On the Banks," where I describe the relationship of loving the university that let me down so badly, while still believing it can change.


Peter Pan

For this project, I selected an old manuscript in the public domain and developmentally edited it to fit modern genre standards through use of track changes on Microsoft Word, then wrote a memo to the author further explaining my edits. 

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Working as a content writer and editor for the website dedicated to the great detective Sherlock Holmes, I've written and edited homepage features and designed graphics for social media. 


Market Research for The Current

A group authored research project where we worked to analyze six different local publications to gain more knowledge on how our magazine, The Current, would compare. 

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Lady Susan

An excerpt of the Jane Austen novel I copy edited after the PDF was sent through a text reader, leaving many grammatical errors and formatting issues. I adhered closely to the original text as well as made sure my copy edits fit the style guide.



Line Art Graphics

Design sneaks its way into everything I do, even bookselling. This graphic was printed onto canvas tote bags which lasted two whole days in store.

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Sherlockian Graphics

After writing and editing for for a couple months, I wanted to work on cohesive branding for our developing social media pages. These graphics are meant to promote and advertise special events and new posts. 

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Language and Power Dynamics Zine

This is a zine I created to explore one of the topics I am most passionate about regarding writing, editing, and publishing — language appropriation and awareness of oppressed dialects.



A group project where we created a theoretical organization/company that stood for a cause we were passionate about. In addition to creating the mission and vision for the organization, we produced five different deliverables to represent the company.


Show Announcements

In one of the many ways performance spills into my work, I was given the opportunity to design many graphics for color guard teams around Michigan. These were meant to embody the show concept for the season so teams could share and promote their work. 


Travel Writing

While this was for a writing class, I chose to take a more design-heavy approach when making my portfolio, showcasing how I can organize information into graphics. Here, I was able to combine my love for writing, document design, and photography. 

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